Double Mango Matcha Latte

This mango matcha drinks recipe calls for fresh and sweet mango along high quality Jeju matcha. This is a soft version boba recipe. It is eye-catching and refreshing at the same time especially during this hot weather in Malaysia.

To make this mango matcha recipe:

You will need:
- 20g Mango jam/sauce/puree
- 30g Mango boba
- 80g Milk of choice
- 4g Matcha powder
- 40g hot water

1. Whisk matcha with hot water without leaving clumps. Set aside.
2. Line the base of your glass with mango puree (either store-bought or freshly homemade).
3. Put in the mango boba followed by ice cubes.
4. Add in your milk of choice.
5. Finish up with your matcha. Enjoy!

Watch this video for quick tutorial.


Mango puree/jam/sauce

What you'll need:
- 350g Fresh mango
- 50g Lakanto sweetener (can be substituted by white sugar)

1. Cut the mango into small chunks or finely diced.
2. Heat the mango with sweetener at medium-high heat for 2 minutes then simmer until thicken at medium low heat.
3. Store the puree into sterile glass jar and keep refrigerated after it is completely cooled.

Note: If the puree is stored immediately in the refrigerator, condensation will occur in the glass jar leading to shorter shelf life.

Watch this video for a quick tutorial. (Please substitute strawberry to mango).


Soft Mango Boba recipe (One serving for 350ml tall glass).

What you'll need:
- 40g Tapioca Starch
- 30g Mango puree / jam / sauce (both homemade and store bought is fine).
- 10g Water
- Sugar (Optional) - Please adjust the sweetness as per your preference.

1. Mix mango puree with water in a pot or pan ( Add sugar if your puree is not sweetened).
2. Add in 1/5 of the tapioca starch into the room temperature mixture and mix evenly. Do not perform this step on heated gas stove. Tapioca starch will form lumps once exposed to high heat.
3. Once the mixture is evenly mixed (no visible white lumps), place the pot on the gas stove and turn on the gas at low-medium heat.
4. Stir the mixture vigorously until it turns into sticky and semi-transparent paste.
5. Add in 90% remaining tapioca starch and knead.
Different starch brand yield a different water absorption level, so you may adjust the dough by adding the left over starch little by little. Stop adding when the dough does not stick to your hand. (It is alright if the dough is slightly sticky to your hand, this will result in softer texture).
6. Cut and knead the dough into small balls and sprinkle some tapioca starch over the small pearls to prevent them sticking together.
7. Sift the coated pearls with a sifter or with your hand.
8. Boil water and cook the pearl over medium-high heat until all the pearls float on water surface. 
9. Drain the water and add sugar syrup/honey/sweetener and store in refrigerator for next use.

Watch this video for a quick tutorial.
(Please substitute strawberry to mango. Method is the same).
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