How To Make Perfect Flowing Matcha Without Fail

I'm pretty sure you've seen many cafes in Korea serving this beautiful drinks so called Flowing Matcha Latte!

So, we are going to share our secret tip to get this beautifully flowing matcha WITHOUT FAILURE. 

Not gonna lie, it is super easy to make with only THREE ingredients! And it only costs you RM5 per glass ;)

This works completely fine without ice cubes, so if you are kinda 'I love chilled drinks but don't want ice' person, this recipe is PERFECT FOR YOU ;)  As you can see in the image, there's no ice cubes at all!

Matcha syrup Ingredients (2-3 servings):
- 6g Matcha powder
- 30g hot water (preferable < 80°C)
- 25g White sugar

Ratio of water to sugar is 1.2 (Water 1.2 : Sugar 1).
Ratio of syrup to matcha is approximately 1.1 (Syrup 1.1 : Matcha 1).

Different matcha powder yields a different water absorption level.
Please do not add water at once, instead, adding in the water gradually while looking at the concentration of matcha syrup. Stop adding water if it's fluid enough. If it's too runny, add 0.5g - 1g of matcha powder gradually to fix the syrup concentration.

1. Mix matcha and white sugar evenly.
2. Pour in the hot water and whisk gently until sugar is completely dissolved.
This step is very crucial in making the perfect flowing matcha. Please ensure the sugar is completely dissolved (no tiny sugar crystals).
3. Transfer the syrup to a squeezing tube container and keep it refrigerated.

This could last up to 5 days without licking the opening yeah..

Flowing Matcha Latte Ingredients (1 serving)
- 15g - 20g Matcha syrup 
- 150g Milk of choice

1. Pour milk in a glass.
2. Squeeze the matcha syrup along the glass wall and let it flow gracefully, then you're done!

Ice cubes is optional.
Please adjust the sweetness according to your preference :)

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Happy trying!

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