Ritual Jeju Matcha Powder 리추얼 | Ceremonial grade

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Ritual 리추얼 50g

Best for:
Thin tea, latte | 차도, 라떼

Taste profile:
Creamy umami, lingering sweetness
은은한 쌉싸름과 달콤한 끝맛에 부드럽고 크리미한 식감이 피로를 싹 풀어주는 리추얼 말차

Spring Harvest 봄 수확

1st flush 첫물 수확

Shade grown 차광재배

Stone-ground 스톤 가공

Jeju Island, South Korea 제주도

Vibrant green 밝은 연두색

100% organic certified 친환경, 유기가공 인증


Storage instruction:
Please keep RITUAL refrigerated in TIGHTLY SEALED state after opened.
Kindly avoid keeping or exposing RITUAL to direct sunlight.
Storage period:
RITUAL could last up to six months in sealed state.
Best consumed within two months after opened for its freshest state.

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