Rich & Creamy Jeju Matcha Ice Cream | NO MACHINE

What is your go-to ice cream? Matcha? We've got you covered!
This is a super creamy and rich matcha ice cream recipe. It'll definitely bringing you back to the days when you were in Jeju-Do.
Don't worry! You can easily spot the ingredients in any grocery store out there.

Ingredients that you need:
2 egg yolks
200g milk
40g sugar
135g condensed milk (sweetened)
20g CLASSIC 클래식
250g double cream/whipping cream


Matcha Base

1. Whisk egg yolks until light and fluffy.
2. Simmer milk and sugar for 2 minutes and add in condensed milk.
3. Simmer the mixture at low heat for 9 minutes or until you get a thick consistency.
4. Cool the mixture for 1 minute and pour it into the yolks (Please stir while pouring in the hot mixture or else the yolks will form lumps. Eggs are easily cooked when exposed to high heat without consistent stirring) .
5. Sift in the matcha powder, mix, and filter to remove excess clumps.
6. Cool the matcha base in refrigerator for 40mins.

Ice Cream
1. Whisk double cream until 90% (firm peak). If over mix, add in double cream little by little to fix the cream texture.
2. Lossen the cream with spatula lightly.
3. Pour in 1/3 matcha base and mix evenly (If the matcha base is not flowy, gently .
4. Repeat step 3 two to three times until finished.
5. Pour the ice cream mixture into a container and freeze for at least 8 hours.

If you want to get a really smooth and creamy texture, try step 6.

6. Be a human ice cream machine (optional).

This process is called churning.

Mix the ice cream mixture 3 to 4 times in 2 hours gap.
10am into the freezer
12pm take it out, mix and freeze
2pm repeat
4pm repeat
Best served on the next day or at least after 8 hours :)

After several attempts in developing ice cream recipes, we discovered ice cream that contains egg yolks yields to a more creamier and higher melting point. This is  due to the fat content in the yolks. The present of egg yolks could result in less chunky ice crystals and prolonged ice cream shelf-life as the yolks stabilize the molecule of the ice cream.

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Happy trying!
Watch the video for quick tutorial.


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