Soft & Fluffy JEJU Matcha Roll Cake


Roll cake is one of my favourite bakes as it only requires a few ingredients and simple baking techniques! With a dash of our CLASSIC클래식 , it gives you a refreshing taste and a hint of astringency that would balance the sweetness and greasiness from the cream!

Ingredients that you'll need (~5 rolls, 12x10 inch baking pan):

Cake sheet
4 medium eggs
60g castor sugar
50g room temperature milk
6g matcha powder
40g Vegetable oil (I used corn oil)
80g flour

Basic cream
380g whipping cream
39g sweetener
35g condensed milk

Intense matcha cream
1/3 of basic cream
25g condensed milk
8g matcha powder


Cake sheet
1. Add matcha powder into corn oil and mix until fully dissolved.
2. Seperate the yolks and whites. 
3. Whisk the yolk and sugar until it turns light yellow and slightly fluffy.
4. Add in the milk, matcha oil into the egg mixture and mix evenly.
5. Sift the flour into the mixture and fold gently until no visible lumps. Set aside.
6. Whisk the whites while gradually adding sugar three times until you get stiff peak. Do not over mix as your cake sheet might break when you roll them up.
    - 1st: When rough and large bubbles formed
    - 2nd: When meringue started to form up (after 30 sec)
    - 3rd: After 1 minute from the 2nd sugar adding
7. Fold 1/3 of the meringue into the matcha batter until even, followed by the next 1/3 meringue.
8. Pour the cake batter into the remaining meringue and fold gently until fully incorporated.
9. Pour the cake batter into a baking pan lined with parchment paper, smooth out and bake at 170 degree Celsius for 16 minutes.

1. In a chilled bowl, whisk the fresh cream/double cream/whipping cream with sweetener and condensed milk until 90% stiff (form a sharp tip).
2. Fill up 2/3 of the cream on the cake sheet.
3. Add the matcha cream, roll up and chilled in refrigerator for at least 2 hour.
4. After 2 hours, cut the chilled roll cake into 5 - 7 pieces and served cold with tea.

You are encouraged calibrate your oven by placing an oven thermometer in your oven for accurate temperature. 
If you are baking them during hot days without air conditioner, you might have to move quickly as the cream might melt during the process. You may work on the cream part by part while keeping the rest in refrigerator.


1. Why mix matcha in oil?
Matcha is oil soluble, thus it will dissolve effortlessly in oil. If you have noticed, matcha dissolved easier in oil or whipping cream, while matcha will leave clumps in water when it is not whisked thoroughly.

2. Can I reduce or increase the amount of matcha powder?
Yes. Lesser matcha powder will gives a more creamy taste, while more matcha powder will leaves a more distinctive astringency and umaminess to your roll cake.

3. How to fix runny cream?
Whisk them again in a chilled bowl or add more whipping cream and whisk them up until desired stiffness.

4. Can I reduce the sugar?
The sweetness for this roll cake is balanced with the astringency of matcha powder. If you still find them too sweet, you may reduce 5-10g of sugar.

Roll cakes are one of the most effortless bakes. I hope this roll cake blog helps you in finding your perfect rolls! 

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Happy trying!

Watch the video for quick tutorial.


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